What’s Your Story?

I have found as I have mentored and taught classes to Christian Singles, the majority feels alone on this journey of being a Born-Again Virgin. Truth be told, people are embarrassed to say they are a Born-Again Virgin. Why? Because of today’s society. Remember when Bristol Palin announced after she had a baby that she decided to wait to have sex again until marriage? People made fun of her, criticized her, and even ridicule her on national television.

I have personally experience the humiliation of being on a talk show where I was a guest due to my book. I thought they picked me so we can discuss purity/abstinence after messing up with being promiscuous. It wasn’t until I was actually on the show that I realize that my book was an introduction to a “fake hymen” that they were displaying (I will have to do another blog on what I went through). Through this experience and throughout my life, I have come to realize that God want us to stand out from the world. Look at this scripture -

1 Peter 2:9 – “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of Him who hath called you out of darkness into His marvelous light”. (KJV)

It states that we are PECULIAR people. What does this mean? We are to be different! We are to stand out! We are the light to this dark world!

God has given back your purity! Don’t let the world take that from you again!

If you had negative experiences with professing you are a Born-Again Virgin, you are not alone! Welcome to the club. That is why this website exist! We want to hear your stories to share and encourage one another. There are thousands of people that are standing up and proud to be a Born-Again Virgin! It’s time for you to take that stand too!

So, what’s your story? 




  • Published On Nov. 01, 2012 by bornagainvirgin

    1. kennedy

      I have just came to the conclusion about a few weeks ago that I want to really try and give my life to the lord and be a born again virgin but I feel kinda of lost idk the steps i should take any advise for me please help?

    2. Samantha Tyler

      When I was a little girl something unthinkable happened to me that no child should ever experience, I was molested and raped by two individuals close to my family. For the longest time I felt shame and as I went through puberty it was as though I had been marked, men were always sexually harassing me and making me feel as though all I was to them was a sexual object and nothing more. That mentality stuck with me through my adult years and I loved a promiscuous lifestyle feeling as though I never had a say in saving my virginity so what was the point in respecting my body if nobody else did? I ended up in emotionally abusive, manipulative, and controlling relationships and it took a long time for me to finally reach my breaking point. When I finally did I knew that getting my self respect, self esteem, and self love back was going to take some time because my wounds ran deep. I stopped having sex completely, and I’ve come to find that the longer I go without it the easier its becoming for me to heal and to feel the confidence of not flaunting my physical beauty, but my mental strength. I may not be a virgin by technicality of a hymen, but for once I feel like I have a say in waiting and those who make fun of me for being a born again virgin are only doing so either to break my guard and get me to give into temptation or they themselves can’t find the same strength I have to wait. You can’t imagine the inner strength and power being magnified like that unless your able to fight the temptation you were once easy prey to. I hope that my story gives others in similar situations the strength and hope to do the same. Thank you for taking the time to hear it!

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